The SECOTEC name has long been synonymous with high-quality KAESER refrigeration dryers built for industrial duty, stable dew points, maximum reliability and minimal overall life-cycle costs. SECOTEC refrigeration dryers in the TA to TD series dry compressed air to a pressure dew point of 3 °C thanks to highly efficient thermal mass control tailored to individual needs, for outstanding savings. A generously dimensioned thermal mass ensures low-wear operation and a stable pressure dew point. Made in Germany: All SECOTEC refrigeration dryers are built in accordance with the very highest quality standards at KAESER’s plant in Gera.

SECOTEC-series refrigeration dryers are a highly attractive choice with their highly durable, low-maintenance design. Their high-quality refrigerant circuit enables reliable performance in ambient temperatures up to +43 °C – with low material-load thanks to the high-performance thermal mass. The generously-dimensioned stainless steel condenser and ECO-DRAIN condensate drain (TA 8 and up) provide reliable condensate removal in all load phases, enabling a stable pressure dew point. The electrical equipment corresponds to Standard EN 60204-1.

SECOTEC refrigeration dryers are extremely low-maintenance. Yet on rare occasions when service is needed, their enclosure design enables easy access to all service-relevant components, including the condenser, which is very easy to clean. All of these advantages effectively reduce servicing/testing requirement and therefore costs.


1.Efficient refrigerant compressor

The scroll refrigerant compressors used in SECOTEC dryers are up to 26% more effi cient than reciprocating compressors. They therefore play an important role in ensuring the outstanding effi ciency of KAESER’s new refrigeration dryers.

2.Efficient SECOTEC solid thermal mass

At the heart of every SECOTEC refrigeration dryer is a thermal mass with exceptionally high capacity. Moreover in the TA to TD series, the entire air-refrigerant heat exchanger is embedded in a storage medium and encased by efficient heat protection.

3.Minimal differential pressure

SECOTEC-series refrigeration dryers feature very low differential pressure. This is made possible thanks to the generously dimensioned flow cross-sections within the heat exchanger and compressed air lines.

4.Signifi cant energy savings

The SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller calculates load hours and the current actual electrical power consumption of the SECOTEC dryer. This advanced system displays the savings achieved with SECOTEC compared to conventional hot-gas bypass refrigeration dryers.

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