KRYOSEC refrigeration dryers exemplify Made in Germany quality. They provide dependable drying in ambient temperatures up to +50 °C and ensure high effi ciency performance through their low maintenance design and the minimal pressure loss heat exchanger system. With their compact footprint they are exceptionally versatile and are perfect for installation in locations where space is at a premium.


1.High performance refrigerant condenser

The dryer’s generously dimensioned heat exchanger surfaces enable effective heat transfer even at high ambient temperatures. Robust fi ns with barrier-free fl ow can be easily cleaned as required.

2.Optimised cooling-air flow

The cleverly designed cooling air fl ow system in KRYOSEC dryers plays a signifi cant role in ensuring operational reliability. For example, installation of the fan wheel within its own enclosure directly on the refrigerant condenser prevents bypass fl ows from occurring that can negatively impact performance.

3.Premium quality refrigerant compressor

The premium quality reciprocating compressors used in KRYOSEC dryers are designed to provide reliable operation in ambient temperatures of up to +50 °C.

4.Strain-relieved condensate line

In the KRYOSEC dryer, accumulating condensate is discharged from the condensate drain via a strainrelieved condensate line attached to the enclosure by a bulkhead pipe fitting.

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